Registration Policy

All new and returning students must pay an annual registration fee. The registration free is $50 for the first child and $35 for each additional sibling. This fee will be prorated throughout the year.

Registration Form / Liability Release

All registered students must provide a completed signed and witnessed registration form/liability release form before participation on class. Everyone who wishes to participate in any activity (clinics, privates, parties, etc.) must also complete the registration form/liability release form.

Payment Policy & Options

Option 1: Monthly Automatic Payments via credit card or checking account.

(Forms are available in our office.) Monthly tuition payments are due on the 20th of the month for the upcoming month. For example, October’s tuition will be due and billed on September 20th. In the event that your check is returned, a $25 fee will be applied to your account. In the event that the debit or credit card attached to your monthly automatic payment is declined, a $10 fee will be applied to your account.

Option 2: Prepay for the entire semester. (Note: no refunds will be given for prepayment.)

30 Day Withdrawal Policy

We request a notice of withdrawal 30 days prior to your last class. Please inform us in writing (by email or using one of our withdrawal forms) of your desire to remove your child from class as soon as you are able. Automatic monthly payments occur on the 20th of the month for the upcoming month and will continue until a withdrawal notice is received. Emerald City Gymnastics does not give refunds or discounts for early withdrawal.

Make-Up Policy

As a courtesy to our students, make-up classes can be scheduled for classes missed due to illness or travel plans. Please have your child make-up classes within 30 days. We owe it to our students to have a well-staffed program with students progressing on the basis of equal time, so please keep make-ups to a minimum. Emerald City Gymnastics does not give refunds or discounts for classes missed.

Uniform Policy

Female gymnasts should wear leotards in their class/ability color. Male gymnasts wear an Emerald City Gymnastics shirt tucked into black athletic shorts. Tumblers and cheerleaders wear purple, teal/green or black athletic tops and black athletic shorts. Athletic tops should be long enough to cover any undergarments. Gymnasts participate with bare feet. Cheerleaders have the option of wearing cheer athletic shoes. Please come to class dressed and ready to participate, with hair pulled back from the face and all jewelry removed. Leotards, boys shirts and cheer tops can be purchased through the Emerald City Pro-Shop.

Parking / Drop Off / Pick-Up Policy

Due to safety considerations in the parking lot, alleyway and highway we require you to park in designated parking spaces and walk your child/children into the building for drop off and pick up.

Children are NOT allowed to wait outside for you. Please do not ask them to walk outside to your car! If you will be late picking them up for any reason, give us a call so that we can inform their instructor and keep them in the office to wait for you. Please let your children know of this procedure so that they do not leave the building to look for you.

If any family member, friend or neighbor will be picking your child up (someone who will be unfamiliar to our staff), please let the office staff know so that we will expect this change in routine, and have the new person check in with the office as well.

Viewing Policy

Because we are a small facility with limited seating inside the gym, we ask that you remain in the lobby during your child’s class.